What was announced and what does it mean?

On October 20, 2017 High Road Capital Partners (HRCP) announced that it had completed the acquisition of Akron
Hardware Consultants, Inc. and Hardware Suppliers, Inc. (HSI). Akron Hardware and HSI joined Midwest Wholesale
Hardware as portfolio brands in HRCP’s hardware platform. On January 8, 2018 HRCP expanded it’s platform with
the addition of Strauss Lock Distributors, increasing overall market coverage through a diverse portfolio of door
hardware distributors.

How will this affect my relationship with Midwest Wholesale Hardware?

Your relationship with Midwest will not be impacted. In every aspect, it is business as usual. You can continue calling
the same number, remitting payments to the same address and working with all the same individuals you have come
to trust with your business.

Is this good for Midwest and it’s customers?

This is great news. As a part of a larger platform, Midwest will only gain in it’s strength and ability to provide the
highest level of service to it’s customers. As we continue integrating with our portfolio partners, our customers will
see an increase in the number of lines that we offer, the depth of quantities in stock, and an increase in our delivery
speed. Both in the short-term and in the long-term, this will make Midwest a stronger company.

Will this affect my pricing or business agreements?

No, all customer commitments will remain in place and you will experience no changes to our working relationship.
There are no planned changes for customer pricing.

I have accounts with two or more of your brands, will my accounts be consolidated?

At this time we will not be consolidating accounts. You will continue to do business with each brand in the same way
you have in the past.

Will each company retain its own brand/name?

Yes, each company will continue to go to market under their individual brand name to leverage the recognition and
equity built within each respective market.

Who do I call if there are any general questions?

You can reach out to your regular Midwest Wholesale contacts via 800-821-8527 or email Chris Casazza at