Closers, Mortise Cylinder Housing

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  1. 5845 Low Energy Operator-ADAEZ Pro Complete
    Norton 5845 Low Energy Operator-ADAEZ Pro Complete 5845-SQPB
    $3,359.00 List Price
    14 units available
    Push or Pull Side Mounting Hardware, 24V, Square Style Push Buttons, ADA1015P Hardwire Kit, Black and Aluminum Finish Covers
  2. DC6210 Series Door Closer
    Corbin Russwin DC6210 Series Door Closer DC6210-690-M54-M71
    $450.00 List Price
    4 units available

    Parallel Arm, Delayed Action, Multi Sized Spring adjustable sizes 1-6, Non-Handed, Up to 180 degree opening standard, 690 Dark Statuary Bronze

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