Parts and Accessories, Spring Hold-Open Cush (SHCUSH) Arm

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  1. Spring HCUSH Arm, 4040XP-3049SCNS
    LCN Spring HCUSH Arm, 4040XP-3049SCNS 4040XP-3049SCNS-AL
    $316.00 List Price
    32 units available

    Extra duty, parallel arm that includes a spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe for 4040XP Series. 689 finish.

  2. Spring HCUSH Arm, 4110-3049SCNS
    LCN Spring HCUSH Arm, 4110-3049SCNS 4110-3049SCNS-AL
    $268.00 List Price
    15 units available

    Optional, non-handed parallel arm for abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe. Handle controls hold-open function. 689 finish.

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